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How much do you bid for me?

When we place your bid, in the final seconds of the eBay auction, we place your Max Bid.  We do this because we take advantage of eBay's Automatic Bidding system.  If your Max Bid is greater or equal to the current Minimum Bid, you will win the auction by one bid increment higher than the previous bidder's Max Bid entered on eBay.

The current bid showing on an eBay auction might NOT be that bidders Max Bid. Because of this, you might see more than a one-bid increment jump in price after we place your bid.

Example Auction Outcome

1. Current high bid is 20.00 (with a Max Bid of 22.00) on eBay.
2. AuctionStealer places your Max Bid of 90.00 in the last 3 seconds.
3. You win the auction for 23.00; congrats on the great snipe!

No Previous Bids

If there were no bids on the auction before your snipe was placed, you would win the auction for the starting price.

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